About Us

What is I Say You Do?

I Say You Do is all about making your everyday life easier with a little help from the internet.
Here are few of the many things we can do for you.

Worrying over electronic appliances back at home you forgot to switch off, would be a thing of the past soon because we will help you turn your appliances on or off through a single SMS.
Ordering a taxi at the press of a button that fits on your palm top would surely take away the hassles of mobile applications and phone calls!

I Say You Do, will Do your everyday tasks for you. So you need only Say!
The I Say You Do team works with our Developer Community every day to create services that cover any and all of your Day-to-Day needs so that you can sit back and relax!

Who We Are

I Say You Do is a product developed by Dialog Axiata PLC, maintained and evangelized by the Ideamart Team. Ideamart is a developer ecosystem powered by Dialog Axiata PLC, Hutchison Telecommunications Sri Lanka and Airtel Sri Lanka. Ideamart comprises of a telco API management platform which provide for Sri Lankan developers to build applications using telco assets, a governing team, entrepreneurs, students and service providers. The ecosystem was awarded as the “Best Technology Enabler” at 20th Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona.

Dialog Axiata is Sri Lanka's largest telecommunications service provider with the country's largest mobile network operator of over 11.068 million subscribers and commands a 50% of the Sri Lankan mobile market. Dialog is a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad which owns 83.32% controlling stake of the company while the rest is held by the public.